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Posted on 08-31-2016

Symptoms of Whiplash Explained by Our Portland Chiropractor

At Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC, our Portland chiropractor provides natural treatment of musculoskeletal injuries including whiplash. Whiplash commonly sets on a day or more after an auto accident and will worsen until it is effectively treated. 

man in a car accident in portland has symptoms of whiplash

Symptoms of Whiplash 

While whiplash is common after an auto accident, it can occur when you experience any type of neck trauma. You might develop whiplash after a bad fall or sports injury, for example. Whiplash may be mild, medium, or severe. 

The most common whiplash symptoms are pain in the neck and shoulders. Other symptoms of whiplash include dizziness, vertigo, muscle spasms, headaches, mental confusion, and tiredness. 

How Chiropractic Care in Portland Can Help Treat Your Symptoms

When treating whiplash, Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC provides chiropractic adjustments using the Thompson and Diversified methods. Diversified is the classic manual and instrument-aided chiropractic technique. It is effective at treating a range of health issues. The Thompson technique uses a special table with drop pieces to introduce motion to the chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Stuart will choose the best technique for treating your neck strain.

Both of these techniques treat whiplash by realigning the cervical spine, which was pulled out of alignment in the accident. This spinal misalignment causes the whiplash symptoms you are experiencing. Chiropractic adjustments can be combined safely with physiotherapy, such as massage therapy or laser therapy. These complementary physiotherapies loosen muscle knots, reduce inflammation, and help heal neck strain. 

Patients typically come to our chiropractic clinic over a series of weeks or months to fully recover from whiplash; many begin feeling better right away. 

Schedule an Appointment Today With Our Portland Chiropractor

If you have been in an auto accident recently, seeking care from our Portland chiropractor can treat pain and stiffness from whiplash. Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC accepts new patients from Troutdale, Fairview, Camas, Gresham, Portland, Happy Valley, and Vancouver, WA. 

To make an appointment with Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC for auto injury treatment, please contact Dr. Stuart at (503) 252-3560. New patients may wish to combine chiropractic treatment with our special offer of a one-hour massage for $50. 

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