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Posted on 05-10-2016

Symptoms of Sciatica And Why You Should Speak To Your Portland Chiropractor

When you notice pain or discomfort in your back, you may have concerns about pinched nerves or other problems with your nerves. The sciatic nerve, which is located in the lower back, does not always cause pain when you develop sciatica; however, you do need to seek treatment from a Portland chiropractor when you have concerns about sciatica.

Common Symptoms of Sciatica

The symptoms of sciatica do not necessarily result in back pain. Since the nerve runs down the upper legs, you may notice pain and numbness in your legs rather than your lower back. 

Generally, the pain from a sciatica runs through your lower back and down into your legs. In some situations, it may result in numbness in the area rather than pain. You can also experience a tingling sensation that does not abate when you move or general weakness in your legs. The exact symptoms depend on the severity of the sciatica, so you will usually notice tingling or numbness before experiencing extreme pain unless you develop the problem suddenly from an accident or a similar problem.

When to Talk to a Chiropractor for Sciatica 

Sciatica treatment with a chiropractor depends on your goals and situation. At our clinic, we offer chiropractic treatments for sciatica based on your symptoms and concerns. Our team evaluates your needs and then develops a plan of action based on the situation. We use spinal adjustments and decompression therapy to assist with certain concerns. A Portland chiropractor in our clinic may also recommend physical therapy to teach better exercise habits or massage therapy to address muscle-related concerns and problems.

Do not wait for treatment until the symptoms worsen. Call Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC 

Always talk to a professional when you experience extreme pain or when you notice consistent signs of a problem. Sciatica treatment starts with identifying the underlying cause of the problem. At our clinic, we identify and assist with recovery after evaluating your symptoms. To learn more about treating sciatica or to set up an appointment to talk to a chiropractor about treatment options available for your situation, contact us today.

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