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Posted on 08-05-2016

Our Portland Chiropractor Discusses Symptoms of Low Back Pain

Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC treats low back pain in Portland using natural techniques instead of dispensing medication. Learn what low back pain really feels like and how Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC, can help you recover. 


Symptoms of Low Back Pain 

Often, the only symptoms that people with low back pain experience is pain in the low back. This pain may be dull or sharp, it may be worse at certain times of the day or when you make certain movements. Low back pain can prevent you from working out, doing your job, lifting things, and going about your daily activities. 

Some people with lower back pain experience referred pain in other areas of the body. So you may feel pain in the hip or the leg, particularly if there is sciatic nerve compression associated with your back pain. A tingling or pins and needles feeling can occur with back pain, or your muscles may feel weak. Muscle spasms are also common. 

When you suffer from these symptoms, you might be tempted to rest or use a heating pad on your back. These actions will not really heal the pain, merely hide it for a few days. Next time you get low back pain, why not see a chiropractor for relief? 

How Our Portland Chiropractor Treats Low Back Pain 

Dr. Stuart combines holistic therapies to restore health. Chiropractic adjustments relieve pain and inflammation by removing nerve impingements, realigning the spine, and releasing tension trapped in sore muscles. Along with chiropractic, our Portland chiropractor uses massage to warm up the body for adjustments and loosen tight muscles. These two techniques, used together, deliver faster healing and awaken your nervous system, which is your body's inner healing capacity. 

Would you like to meet Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC, and learn about our low back pain relief? New patients to the chiropractic clinic of Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC can receive a one hour massage for the introductory rate of $50. To reserve your massage appointment or meet with Dr. Stuart, please email us or call us at (503) 252-3560. 

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