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Posted on 07-15-2016

Protect Your Back During a Move in Portland

Let's be honest. Nobody loves moving. The process of packing up all your belongings and hauling them into a new place can be physically draining and tiring. If you're planning an upcoming move in Portland, though, there are some important tips our Portland Chiropractor, Dr. Samantha Stuart would like you to keep in mind.

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Always Lift With Your Legs

When lifting heavy objects, such as boxes or furniture, always lift with your legs and not your back. The key is to put as little strain on your back as possible so as to avoid injury.

Use Carts and Hand Trucks

Even if you're not hiring a moving company, many moving companies will allow you to rent out hand trucks, carts, dollies, and other equipment for a nominal fee during your move. These are great for lifting heavier objects and furniture with ease, saving you the strain and injury risk of moving them yourself.

Don't Do it All Alone

Speaking of doing things yourself, never take on an entire move alone! Even if you don't have it in the moving budget to hire professional movers, it's a good idea to ask a few reliable friends to help you out. Taking on an entire move on your own will lead to greater fatigue and will increase your chances of injuring yourself. 

Consider offering a few friends a free dinner or some other form of reimbursement to help you, at least with the heavier furniture.

How Our Portland Chiropractor Can Help

Finally, don't forget to talk to our Portland chiropractor before your upcoming move. She may recommend a spinal adjustment to alleviate any back pain you've been experiencing and make sure you're ready to power through your move.

Here at Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC, we provide the chiropractic services that you need to keep your spine healthy and to relieve back pain, neck pain, and many other ailments. Interested in scheduling an appointment? Give our office a call at (503) 252-3560 today.

What are you looking forward to most about your upcoming move? What are you dreading most?

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