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Posted on 01-14-2016

3 Treatments That Provide Lasting Relief for
Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain has the ability to completely derail life as you know it. The simplest movements may turn into an agonizing ordeal, which can have a negative effect on your daily activities. Application of ice and heat often does very little to decrease severe neck pain on its own. You may need to seek chiropractic care to start to see relief of your ongoing neck pain. Chiropractors can use manual adjustments, massage and physical therapy to ease your pain and restore your quality of life.

Pain Relief Solutions with Our Portland Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care

woman grasping her neck in pain Chiropractic care includes manual adjustments of the cervical vertebrae and discs. The alignment procedure should relieve pain and pressure at the pinch points right away. You may also notice that the alignment improves your overall posture.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy relaxes tight muscles to keep the fibers from putting undue stress on the vertebrae in your neck. The massage techniques also focus on points where pressure tends to accumulate. You should feel the muscles in your entire neck, shoulders and back release with each massage therapy session.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy also helps reduce stress and strain on your muscles, joints and bones. In addition, physical therapy helps you build strength that prevents the chance of developing complications from the first injury. You will complete a personalized program of stretches, weight lifting and cardio to build up strength and endurance throughout your entire body.

Seek Help for Neck Pain Today with Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC, PC!

If you are ready to relieve your neck pain through chiropractic treatments, make an appointment with Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC, PC in Portland. Our clinic also serves patients in the Gresham, Clackamas, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Beaverton and Tigard, OR regions as well as Vancouver, WA.

At your first appointment, our Portland chiropractor will evaluate your neck pain and overall health condition to find the best combination of chiropractic treatments. The treatments may include one or all of the above procedures to loosen tight muscles, release trapped nerves and bring cervical vertebrae back into alignment.

What combination of treatments helps you most with your neck pain?

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