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Posted on 06-10-2016

Improving Your Everyday Health with Physical Therapy in Portland

When most people think about physical therapy in Portland, they think about rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, but corrective exercises and stretches can also help you perform daily tasks and give you more energy by improving your strength and helping you get and stay active.

physical therapist and patient

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Anyone can realize the benefits of physical therapy. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with our chiropractor and explain your health goals. He will create a specific set of exercises and stretches in order to help you meet your short and long term goals.

Exercises Designed for Your Health and Fitness Level

If you are sedentary or have health problems, suddenly increasing your exercise levels without professional input can cause injuries and leave you discouraged. Our chiropractor can help you by designing an exercise and stretching program for your current fitness level and increasing the exercises and physical activity as you become stronger and healthier.

Can Help Control Your Weight

Getting and staying active through exercise can help you maintain your weight or lose a few pounds. When you lift weights or perform cardio exercises, like walking and swimming, you will burn more calories, which can help you create a calorie deficit so that you can shed unwanted pounds.

Increases Strength and Flexibility

Performing targeted exercises and stretches can help you increase your muscle strength and flexibility so that you have more energy for your daily tasks, like getting groceries, cleaning your home and playing with your kids or grandkids.

Reduces Stress

Getting active on a daily basis helps you burn off excess energy while lowering your levels of stress, which can help you feel better and improve the restfulness of your sleep.

To learn more about how corrective exercises and stretches can help you perform everyday activities, contact us at 503-288-0227. We are currently offering new patient specials, and our chiropractor can usually see you the same day you call.

How has increasing your activity levels improved your health?

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