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Posted on 02-17-2015

Overuse injuries of the muscles are very common in the spring as many individual get back to their warm weather activities. However, a sudden increase in activity can lead to muscle injuries, soreness and pain.

Sore Muscle and Pain

The first sign of an overuse injury is a sore muscle and pain. If you experience soreness or pain during or after a physical activity, you should lower your activity levels and rest. Further exercise could exasperate the injury and lead to a longer recovery time.

Muscle Weakness

The second sign of an overuse injury is muscle weakness. You may or may not feel pain along with the weakness, but you should notice that you are running slower or not able to lift as much weight when you exercise. Your muscles may also tire faster. This is a sign that you need to stop and rest for a few days.

Loss of Range of Motion

In addition to muscle weakness, you may also notice a loss of range of motion or pain while moving your arm or leg. This could indicate a muscle injury or a tendon or ligament injury. You should rest and limit your activities if you experience a loss of range of motion in any of your limbs or back.

Swelling or Inflammation

In severe overuse injuries, you may notice swelling, tenderness to the touch and inflammation. In this instance, you should rest the afflicted body part and use ice and heat to reduce the swelling and stimulate healing.

Chiropractic care for Overuse Injuries

If resting and using ice and heat does not reduce your pain after three days, it is time to call our chiropractor for a consultation. While most overuse injuries heal after a few days, some need chiropractic intervention. Our chiropractor can diagnose the source of your injury and recommend several holistic treatment options, including sports chiropractic, massage therapy and physical therapy, to reduce your pain, restore your range of motion and heal the injury.

What steps do you take to heal overuse injuries of your muscles?

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