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Posted on 11-20-2013

The Value of a Chiropractic Evaluation after an Auto Accident

chiropractic for auto accident injuryPeople often leave an auto accident and give themselves a quick once over to determine if they are okay. Auto accidents can cause serious emotional and physical damage that is not always felt or seen immediately or even shortly after the incident. The force and impact that occurs during an auto accident always has some effect on the body, especially the neuromusculoskeletal system. It is always a good idea to see a chiropractor when you are involved in any vehicle accident. If you delay a chiropractic physical checkup or neglect to be checked out, reticent symptoms could increase in severity.

Chiropractic Care Services Following an Accident

When you are involved in an auto accident, you may experience a wide range of injuries. Your nervous system and muscles that make up the neuromusculoskeletal system are often affected, usually without you knowing it. Most people are familiar with "whiplash,” a general term given to describe neck injuries caused during an auto accident. The pain and discomfort associated with this type of injury is usually experienced several days after an accident. Other auto accident injuries that are central to the back and soft tissue can also occur with silent or delayed effects.

Chiropractors use x-rays and full physical examinations to detect these types of injuries. They also consider any information you are able to provide about the accident, such as your position in the vehicle. The recommended chiropractic treatment may involve physical therapy, massage therapy (commonly used to release tension that causes headaches after from an accident), or a combination of the two.

Consulting a chiropractor after an auto accident is always a good idea. Dr. Samantha Stuart DC offers chiropractic services to diagnose and treat injuries caused by auto accidents.

Have you been involved in a fender bender only to have symptoms pop up weeks later?

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