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Posted on 09-16-2013

Chiropractic Care Myths (and Facts)

Our Portland Chiropractor Sets the Record Straight

chiropractic care factsChiropractic medicine has had to contend with its share of misinformation, misunderstandings and just plain myths since its formalization in 1895. Here at the office of Dr. Samantha Stuart DC, PC we feel an obligation to put some of these falsehoods to rest, if only so more people will get the pain relief and injury recovery they so desperately need. Here are three common myths you can forget about:

1. Chiropractic care hurts. Our goal is to end your discomfort, not to cause more. In fact, patients often start to feel significant relief very early in the process, or even during the first session. By relieving pressure on impinged nerves, we can improve your comfort level quickly, safely, and without drugs. Even the idea of chiropractors "cracking your back" is false; any little pops you hear are simply gases escaping harmlessly from between the joints.

2. Chiropractic treatment never ends. While we may recommend multiple sessions to address a specific condition and make sure you have recovered completely, our goal is to make you well, not to keep seeing you every week for life. We do advise occasional spinal screenings and checkups to prevent little misalignments from turning into big ones, but that is merely preventative maintenance.

3. Chiropractic adjustment is a "back thing." While many people automatically think of chiropractors as back doctors, chiropractic care encompasses far more. Our Portland chiropractor corrects spinal misalignments that affect the function of the entire body, especially the central nervous system. Since the central nervous system controls many physical systems, from hormonal balance to immune function, chiropractic treatment can help you improve every aspect of your health and wellness.

Chronic Pain Relief, Car Accident Recovery and More with Chiropractic

If you face a debilitating chronic illness, surgical recuperation, car accident recovery or another difficult road back to health, ease your journey by contacting our office today. We will meet with you, put you at ease and answer all your questions.

Do you still have a concern about chiropractic treatment? What is it?

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