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Posted on 06-28-2013

Supplementing Chiropractic Care with Massage Therapy

massage therapy complements chiropractic careMassage therapy has long been thought of as a luxury treatment reserved for relaxation or day-trips to the spa. But massage is actually highly therapeutic and has been used for thousands of years to relieve a number of common ailments. Here at Dr. Samantha Stuart DC, PC, we recognize that massage can be a highly beneficial treatment that can maximize the advantages of chiropractic and help our patients achieve a pain-free life sooner than with chiropractic treatment alone.

Massage therapy relaxes the body and mind, relieving built-up toxins that can cause painful muscle tension. There are a number of culprits for sore muscles, including stress, overuse or even an injury or sprain. Massage gently releases these muscles, making the body much more receptive to corrective musculoskeletal treatment.

Sports, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

There are several types of massage -- each of which offers different benefits. Sports massage, for example, involves a combination of muscle kneading and mobilization of the joints. Sports massage can be used to treat overuse injuries and also increase range of motion for athletes involved in sports like baseball and swimming who need a broader motion range to optimize competitive performance.

Swedish massage is perhaps the most well-known type of massage, as it utilizes long, fluid strokes to relieve muscle and joint pain. We often recommend Swedish massage to our patients who have muscle stiffness or osteoarthritis, as it is highly effective for reducing tension and alleviating pain.

Some of our patients also undergo deep tissue massage, though it is typically reserved for patients experiencing severe muscle tension. During a deep tissue massage, pressure is used to target the deepest connective tissues. Though some muscle aching may persist for a couple of days following treatment, many patients experience significant relief from chronic pain caused by prior injuries.

Have you ever used Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage to relieve pain or increase your range of motion?

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