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Posted on 12-27-2012

How Auto Accident Injuries Affect You

chiropractic care for auto accident injuries in Portland.jpgIf you get involved in an auto accident, you may experience a wide spectrum of symptoms afterward, ranging from debilitating pain to no discomfort at all. But regardless of your apparent condition, you need to get checked out by a chiropractor as soon as possible. Chiropractic adjustments and other natural methods can restore your body's normal function, and they can help relieve or even prevent pain and other common problems from occurring.

Auto accident injuries can deceive their victims. While many cases of whiplash, shoulder injuries or back injuries draw attention to themselves immediately, in others the neck pain, back pain, headaches or sciatica symptoms may take weeks or months to make themselves known. During that time subluxations, or vertebral misalignments caused by the accident, may grow increasingly worse until pinched nerves result. Muscles and connective tissues may also heal incorrectly, leading to the formation of adhesions. Adhesions are clumps of scar tissue that can cause muscle stiffness and pain --and the more severe they are allowed to become, the more difficult they are to treat.

Injury Relief from Our Portland Chiropractor

If you seek a natural, non-invasive solution to your auto accident injury symptoms, look no further than our skilled team here at the offices of our Portland chiropractor, Dr. Samantha Stuart DC, PC. She will perform a detailed spinal evaluation to look for any subluxations or disc herniation that may be causing your pain, numbness or loss of mobility. She can then administer a spinal adjustment to help take the pressure off a pinched nerve or help a herniated disc heal itself.  

Dr. Stuart may also prescribe massage therapy and physical therapy to help relieve muscle pain, encourage normal healing and break up (or ideally prevent) adhesions. Even if you feel fine, our ability to pinpoint and correct small problems in their early stages could keep you from suffering severe pain or even disability in the future.

Have you ever suffered delayed onset of symptoms after an auto accident? How long did your symptoms take to appear?

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Just cause it's smilpe doesn't mean it's not super helpful.

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