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Posted on 12-05-2012

Straight Talk from Your Portland Chiropractor

Portland chiropractor educates about postural correction.jpgPoor posture can lead to foot, back and neck pain in addition to other nagging health problems. Here are some ways you can straighten yourself out:

  • Be aware of how you stand and sit. Check your standing and sitting posture from time to time. When standing, draw an imaginary vertical line from your ears down through your shoulders to your hips. Put equal weight on both feet and keep your head level. When sitting, make sure your feet are resting flat on the floor.
  • Work ergonomically. A properly arranged and equipped workspace can help you achieve and maintain correct posture while on the job. Adjust your chair and, if possible, your desk so you can use your keyboard and see your computer monitor without leaning forward or hunching your shoulders.
  • Strengthen your spine. Weak muscles promote slumping and stooping. An exercise program can help your back and neck muscles provide better support for your spinal column, allowing you to maintain a straighter posture for longer periods of time while also offering protection against misalignments and injuries.
  • Choose user-friendly footwear. Avoid shoes that fail to provide proper support or throw your body off balance. Highs heels may look glamorous, but they alter your body’s natural alignment by shifting your center of gravity. If you have legs of unequal lengths, orthotic footwear can improve your posture by keeping your body in correct balance.
  • Have your alignment evaluated. A spinal misalignment may be contributing to poor posture in ways too subtle for you to detect. Our Portland chiropractor, Dr. Stuart, can correct musculoskeletal issues to improve your posture, and follow-up adjustments can make sure those problems do not recur.

Chiropractic Adjustment, Massage Therapy and Other Back Pain Solutions

If you seek skilled professional help for your postural correction, come visit the offices of Dr. Samantha Stuart. Our combination of spinal adjustments, massage therapy and physical therapy can straighten your spine, relieve your back pain and improve your overall health.

Have you habitually suffered from poor posture? When did you first notice it?

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