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Posted on 09-19-2012

If you suffer from recurring tension or migraine headache pain, you may wonder what is causing the pain to return again and again. It is possible to identify many common causes of headaches and then try to avoid these stimuli to help reduce the occurrence and in best cases, eliminate the pain altogether. According to our Portland chiropractor, Dr. Stuart, some of the more common triggers include:

Portland chiropractor treats recurring headaches.jpgPoor posture or spinal misalignment. If your desk, chair and monitor force you to slump or hold your head well forward of your chest, the resulting strain on your neck muscles can trigger a tension headache. Chronic spinal misalignments can stress a pain-sensitive membrane at the base of the skull.

Injury. A musculoskeletal injury to the head or neck can cause a headache. Whiplash, for instance, often includes headache pain among its many discomforts. TMJ disorder, a misalignment of the jaw joint caused by a congenital bite problem or jaw injury, can refer pain to the head, neck, face or shoulders.

Allergies. If you are allergic to certain foods, your body will respond with a variety of symptoms, including headache pain. Airborne particulate matter such as perfume, toxins or pollen can also cause an “allergy headache.” Migraines can also be triggered by non-allergic reactions to certain food products such as MSG, chocolate and aged cheese.

Sensory data. Migraines can be triggered by bright lights, loud sounds and even certain smells. These stimuli cause the blood vessels in the brain to dilate and then constrict, creating sudden blood pressure changes that lead to migraine symptoms.

Stress. Emotional and physical stresses seem to play an important role in triggering or aggravating a headache. Taking care of the body including proper rest, nutrition and relaxation techniques is important to help keep tension headaches at bay.

Chiropractic Adjustment, Massage Therapy and More for Headache Relief

Bring your headache to Dr. Samantha Stuart DC, PC. Our Portland chiropractor can use postural correction, massage therapy and other therapies to relax tight muscles and improve nerve signaling, which normalizes your blood pressure to help prevent migraines. Our methods can even eliminate those troublesome allergies. Try it for yourself -- you have nothing to lose but your headache!

Have you already identified a specific trigger for your headaches? What is it?

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