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Posted on 08-01-2012

personal training in Portland.jpgChiropractor Dr. Samantha Stuart offers a personal training service as a way to improve patients’ back health and optimize their health overall. Patients who have added this facet of care to their treatment collaboration with us notice accelerated improvement in their conditions over spinal adjustments alone.

Portland Personal Training: For Back Pain, Postural Correction and More

One of the most important benefits of our personal training is that it helps back pain patients go from just pain relief to strong abs and backs that resist future pain and injuries. While our chiropractor helps with postural correction through spinal adjustments, the real key to long-term relief is consistent core strengthening through systems like Pilates. These exercises strengthen the muscles supporting your spine so you will be less susceptible to future bouts of backache later.

Another important benefit of working with our chiropractor as a personal trainer is that you learn correct exercise form. This helps you avoid exercise mistakes that can lead to painful strains. She also shows you how to get the most therapeutic benefit out of each exercise. She teaches you the exercise, then observes you and is there to help you correct your form if necessary. Then you get the best core strengthening benefit from each Pilates move or any other therapeutic exercises she recommends for your condition. She will also answer any questions you have about the exercises.

We frequently recommend massage therapy to go along with personalized exercise training. Massage can help relax and loosen musculoskeletal tensions that make exercise difficult. It also increases circulation to the muscles and shoots endorphins through your system for natural pain relief while decreasing inflammation at the cellular level. For this reason, massage therapy can be just as beneficial after exercise as well as before.

Customized core fitness training is great for your whole body too. It tones your cardiovascular system, relieves stress and can also contribute to weight loss and more.

What would you like to get out of working with a personal trainer?

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