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Posted on 01-20-2015

Sports injuries are no joke. From a friendly pick-up game to an intense practice session to an organized match, our bodies don’t always hold up to the wear and tear they face during athletic activities. Accidents often mean weeks of recovery and can sometimes even interfere with work, school or other daily activities.

Common Sports Injuries

Among the most common injuries for any sport are strains and sprains of the muscles and ligaments. The 5 most common injuries we see among athletes include:

Sprained Ankle

Many athletes land wrong on their ankles, causing it to twist or overextend to the side. This strain typically includes mild to severe swelling at the ankle joint.

Lower Back Pain

The back is easily injured in activity and considered one of the weakest points of the body. Lower back pain or muscle spasms are a common problem we see among athletes who visit us for care for injuries from everything including golfing, football, soccer and more.

Tennis Elbow

Overuse of the elbow creates an inflamed condition commonly referred to as “tennis elbow.” This causes irritation at the point of the joint and worsens with continued use.

Shoulder Strain

In overhead activity, like throwing or hitting, shoulders can be overworked or pulled when muscles aren’t properly warmed up for the impact. Shoulder strains can include an inflamed joint or pulled muscle.

Pulled Hamstring

If muscles aren’t properly warmed up and loose before an activity, they can be pulled. The hamstring is one of the most common injuries for pulled muscles, along with the groin muscle.

Sports Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care can greatly reduce the risk of sports injury and increase the body’s recovery time. Dr. Stuart will design a sports chiropractic treatment plan specifically suited for your individual needs and form of regular activity. Along with stretching regimens to keep muscles loose, you may benefit from spinal adjustments, massage therapy, acupuncture, cold laser therapy and more.

When was your last sports injury? How long did your recovery time take? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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